Thursday, September 16, 2010

Departing for Bermuda to Chase Hurricane Igor

Well, in just a couple hours I will be meeting my good friend and pro storm chaser and meteorologist, Greg Nordstrom at JFK airport here in NYC. Together we will be leaving on a jet plane (perhaps not - a puddle jumper might do the job) to the tiny central Atlantic island nation of Bermuda.

Bermuda is in the direct path of major Hurricane Igor, now a category 4 packing wind
s of 140 mph with gusts over 160! While Igor will likely fluctuate in strength over the next few days, he will remain a dangerous, large and powerful tropical cyclone as he spirals closer to the island.

Igor should bring deteriorating conditions to Bermuda as early as Saturday morning, with tropical storm conditions developing Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning. Because of Igor's massive size, hurricane conditio
ns should develop Sunday afternoon and could last right through the day on Monday. Late Monday Igor should be well northeast of the island.

Exactly what Igor delivers to Bermuda is yet to be seen, but you can
bet Greg and I will do our best to bring you as much footage as possible before, during and after the storm! Our first plan is to check-in this evening, get a good night's sleep and wake up tomorrow morning to begin preparing us for the chase!

Wish us luck, and thanks for following!

Hurricane Igor's current projected path.

Satellite image of category 4 Hurricane Igor.

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