Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Art Installation Draws Attention to Climate Change

A Dutch artists has found a unique way to draw attention to climate change. His recently debuted art installation sits atop a melting iceberg near the town of Uummannaq in western Greenland.

The 45-year old artist, Ap Verheggen, from The Hague, said he had built the swirling metal sculptures, which represent a dog sled, to highlight the impact of a warmer climate on the Inuit people, who struggle to move around on thinning ice. The sculptures are expected to drift southwards on top of the ice and ultimately end up in the ocean as the ice melts.

As climate change means culture change, Verheggen believes that global warming has affected Inuit culture, and melting icebergs threaten its survival.

To raise awareness for their cause globally, the sculptures are fitted with monitors enabling a worldwide audience to follow their journey atop the iceberg. The project can be viewed