Monday, March 1, 2010

NASA's New "A Warming World Page"

Years ago Al Gore changed the world by inventing the Internet. Then he wowed us all by explaining global warming with some power point slides. Well now our good friends over at NASA found a way to use the Internet to help people better understand the causes and effects of Earth's changing climate and global warming.

The new "A Warming World" page hosts a series of news articles, videos, data visualizations, space-based imagery and interactive visuals tha
t provide unique NASA perspectives on this evolving topic of global importance.

The page includes featured articles that explore the recent Arctic winter weather that has gripped the United States, Europe and Asia, and how El Nino and other longer-term ocean-atmospheric phenomena may affect global temperatures this year and in the future.

A new video, "Piecing Together the Temperature Puzzle," illustrates how NASA satellites monitor climate change and help scientists better understand how our complex planet works.

The page also contains a section just for kids and one for educators which seems ideal for classroom. Good stuff!

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