Saturday, January 30, 2010

Big Late January Snows (thanks SNOkie)

Wednesday I bravely predicted that snowfall amounts for this late January storm (The Northeast Quadrant is now calling #SNOkie) would be hard to call until Friday afternoon. Well I was wrong. It’s Saturday afternoon in DC, still snowing, and I’m not confident that we know yet. Conditions have been deteriorating since early Saturday morning. Currently in DC we have about six inches, with snow expected to continue falling heavily for a few more hours.

The current forecast shows that snow will taper off and then end from west to east overnight. Snow totals will locally exceed 1 foot from central Virginia into the Delmarva Peninsula. Washington will end up with between 4 and 8 inches and southern New Jersey could accumulate 2 to 4 inches.

How are folks dealing with the storm? Here’s a little round up of comments from around the Internet:
  • Let the snow retardation begin. Someone just drove in to our building.
  • I think the weather forecasters blew this call (3-5") already nearly 5" of snow here in Maryland...and not supposed to stop until 11 pm
  • Can we dub the storm "WTFlurries"?
  • 2:45 PM Roads are nasty. Mostly passable but in really bad shape. Saw very few plows. Peds must be careful - roads are extremely slick.
  • Soccer in the snow, snow and more snow. So much fun, even when my eyelashes froze together. :-)
  • There is no bad weather, only the wrong clothing.
Since were in the midst of the storm, let me take a moment to make a personal appeal – please people stop using umbrellas as a snow blockage device – you look dumb. Time to shovel (again) before it gets dark. Go SNOkie go!