Monday, January 11, 2010

Dead of Winter vs. January Thaw

For the past several weeks locations across the northern hemisphere, from North America to Europe and all the way to China, have been trying to cope with the constant arctic push that Mother Nature has thrown at us. So what does that mean now that we are 'officially' in the Dead of Winter?

The Dead of Winter is climatologically noted as the stretch of 20+ days, usually running from about January 10 - February 10 where normal daytime high temperatures in the northern hemisphere are at their absolute lowest. Well, now that's confusing right? Because yesterday was January 10 and it's been pretty darn hace frio outside already!

Well, brace yourselves for a warm up! That's right! Despite the fact that we are in the dead of winter we are about to enter a phenomenon well-known in the weather world as the "January Thaw!" says, "Gradual warming will take place across the Plains and Midwest through the middle of the upcoming week as warmer air spreads in from the Southwest. Across much of the Eastern Seaboard, temperatures will slowly rise throughout the entire week. With the warm-up, millions of people can look forward to spending more time outdoors. Energy demands and heating bills will be lower as compared to last week. Since temperatures will be warming gradually, issues with street flooding and ice jams due to melting snow and ice are expected to be minimal."

Despite the hype, for many the warmer temperatures just mean it's going to be near normal. It probably won't last too long so enjoy it!