Sunday, January 31, 2010

Salty Atmosphere

Concluding The Northeast Quadrant’s trip to Utah is this final video blog post from the journey above. Check out “Salty Atmosphere,” shot during take off from Utah’s Salt Lake City Airport (SLC) on Saturday afternoon, January 30.

Once again, the video is kind of long (about 9 minutes), but there are some amazingly incredible views you don’t want to miss! To save time and maximize your enjoyment, below are a few cool points (indicated by minute) if you wish to not watch the whole thing.

Oh, and consider yourself lucky to turn the sound off and not hear the baby crying. I, unfortunately, didn’t have that option.

00.00 Take off from SLC on a LONG runway / 01:20 Above a sunny, snowless Salt Lake Valley / 01:45 INVERSION / 02:20 The sun / 03:20 Flying over the Great Salt Lake / 04:30 Between cloud layers / 07:00 Above a snowier North Salt Lake Valley / 08:00 Cumulus ascension / 08:45 Snow-capped Wasatch Mountains