Friday, January 15, 2010

Sunday Storm for The Northeast Quadrant

Yesterday The Northeast Quadrant posted about warmer, drier weather taking over the eastern half of the nation today and tomorrow. But that will all come to an end on Sunday.

A developing storm system in the gulf states will enter the Atlantic tonight and rapidly re-develop before heading north up the eastern seaboard. This is normally very exciting news in January, but with the recent surge of warmer air, it's sadly going to be a rain event.

Starting in the southern periphery of The Northeast Quadrant, the rain will begin around the
Nation's Capital near daybreak Sunday on its track towards New England. Rain will probably enter the picture in the Big Apple by lunchtime and Bean-Town just in time for dinner. These two northern cities are forecasting the rain to mix with sleet and possibly change to snow before ending Monday morning. Wind will also be a factor, as is the case with most coastal storms.

Too bad that arctic air is all gone. This could have been a doozy of a snowstorm, a
blizzard even.