Friday, April 2, 2010

Record Heat Pushes DC Cherry Blossoms to Peak

Given a winter with record blizzards and damaging cold, one would have thought this day was forever away, but alas, thanks to a recent heat wave the cherry blossoms along Washington, DC's Tidal Basin are at full peak! The peak, which comes ahead of schedule (see earlier blog post), is defined as the date when 70 percent of the blooms are open.

The blooming of the cherry trees around the Tidal Basin has come to symbolize the natural beauty of our nation's capital. The famous trees, a gift from Japan 98 years ago in 1912, signal Washington’s rite of spring with an explosion of life and color that leaves (no pun intended) the area in a sea of pale pink and white blossoms.

Thousands of city residents and visitors from across the nation and around the world crowd the Tidal Basin, hoping that the trees will be at the peak of bloom for the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Well, friends, it's right on time! The Festival is underway and lasts through April 11.

Although I am not in DC this year, check out this slideshow of photos I've taken of the Cherry Blossoms in 2006.