Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TWC to Launch Four New Original Series

The past year on The Weather Channel (TWC) featured the successful launch of several new series such as Wake Up With Al, Cantore Stories and Weather Proof. And now on the heels of those shows comes an announcement of four new programs for the all-weather network's 2010-2011 season.

These four original series will test, investigate and explore weather in a whole new light. They include:

Lightning Rod
, the network’s first live program allowing viewers to interact and discuss topics including climate change and global warming.

Weather: Caught on Camera, a program that reveals the most intense, violent and downright crazy weather ever captured on video

Forensic Weather, a program that shows how Mother Nature helps solve crimes with forensic meteorologists who take viewers on a fascinating step by step journey to uncover the evidence and the impact of weather on the investigation (see earlier blog post on this subject).

Storm Riders, a series that documents two maverick storm chasers on their hunt for supercells.

I personally think the new programming lineup is a great idea, especially
Forensic Weather. It will be interesting to see how they rate. In some research I did while composing this blog post I noticed that some viewers don't find the announcement to be great news as they 'miss' the old TWC that used to report on weather and only weather.

One angry viewer was quoted, "I could use a more weather focused channel that actually shows weather. TWC is something I never watch because of their political crap and the fact NBC is jamming the anemic-looking Al Roker down the viewers throats!"

Yikes, angry viewer! We will see, we will see...