Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Central Park: Rebuilding After the Snowicane

Remember the Snowicane? That fierce, hurricane-like Nor'easter that sat and spun for days over the New York City metro region, delivering with it wave after wave of heavy, wet snowfall, stiff winds, coastal flooding and well, you get the drift (no pun intended). You do remember, right?!?!

The epic and record-breaking storm left a path of destruction in its wake, as it took out nearly 500 trees in Central Park, causing $3 million in damage, and claimed the life of one man.

Well now as hopefully calmer weather sets in, Central Park's landscape is being restored. Last week workers started planting hundreds of pines, oaks, maples and even tulip trees in an effort to restore the park. All in all, the Central Park Conservancy expects 275 new trees, and 520 new shrubs — which were made possible, in part, by donations after the storm.