Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowicane Exceeds Expectations and Proves Historic

Late this afternoon I decided to go back out into the Snowicane and snap some more photos, and of all those that I took, I think there are two that perfectly capture the intensity of the storm. Check out these shots looking crosstown from the east side to the west side of Manhattan (looking down 42nd Street).

As I made my way home and settled in to thaw my frozen toes and fingers I captured this clip on the local news. This, I think, really provides great detail on the awesome scope of the Snowicane, which continues to dump heavy snow squalls in New York City and points north and east.

It will be interesting to see where we end up as far as total snowfall for the city. As I blogged about earlier, this storm broke records! Will we make the top 3 heaviest snowfalls ever recorded in New York? We are extremely close and I will provide updates to the previous blog post, "Snowicane Breaks Records in NYC!" so check back often!

I wanted to also say thank you to everyone who is following along as I experience this epic winter weather event, which has clearly exceeded all expectations and is now one for the history books! It's been an amazing couple days and I am glad I can share it with you!