Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snowicane Progressing Nicely!

Well, its been snowing since about 7 a.m. in New York City. A heavy, wet snow that started as rain in the early morning hours will continue through the rest of today, into tonight and through the day Friday (some indications are that we won't be out of it until Sunday -- but more on that later).

The storm should peak in intensity during the overnight tonight when snow will fall at rates greater than 2 inches per hour at times, accompanied by wind gusts approaching 60 mph in some areas. This combination will lead to white out conditions, downed trees and power outages. But not for all! That's right... just miles away in Nassau County on Long Island, heavy rain and wind has been reported throughout the day, with over an inch already on the south shore.

Such a tight gradient between who gets heavy snow and who gets heavy rain has proved challenging for weather forecasters -- but it was expected. Check out the rain/snow line on this radar image today at 2:30. It has not moved much all day.

This should prove interesting for people commuting to and from the city this evening. You could go from dangerous, blizzard-like conditions to blinding rain within minutes. Be careful out there!

We'll provide a storm update this evening!