Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mid-Atlantic (DC) Snow FREAKOUTZ!

Well, we all know it's supposed to snow... It's February, it's winter, it's cold and it's moist. So you would *think* after December's Blizzard of 2009, that several additional inches of snow accumulation wouldn't yield such FREAKOUTZ! But it does... and always will. And we love you for it! We really, really do! That said, here's some of The Northeast Quadrant's favorite Mid-Atlantic (DC) Snow FREAKOUTZ!

By the way, and no cause for alarm (yeah right!)... but there is a potentially another MAJOR snowstorm heading towards the east coast this weekend, and again mid-next week. As mentioned, no cause for alarm but this weekend's storm could trump some recent biggies!

Now, enjoy the FREAKOUTZ!

• what's this I hear about snow tomorrow? I hope we get 2 feet again!!! • snow day tomorrow. Two to four inches, I hope they close the government. • 2-4 inches of snow expected between 4PM today & 7AM tomorrow in D.C. Please take precautions - is no longer a "weather alert" - it's a weekly occurrence • just got an alert from the City of Alexandria- weather alert AGAIN- 2-4 inches of more snow starting at 4:00 this afternoon- Winter- go back to Iowa please- we are done with you here in DC • will not be running his errands today due to the snow… dry cleaning and laptop/ipod shopping will have to wait. • DC weather people are saying our snow will be "light and fluffy" and "sweepable". Uh-huh. Better get out the broom... • the snow is now past "sweepable"... unless your broom has a shovel on the end of it! • calling for another 3-6" of snow overnight Tuesday... • snow starting… only 2-4 inches... but that's enough to f-up the roads here. • say it ain't snow, Joe. • Attention FB friends in the DMV area... The national weather service has issued a Winter storm warning beginning today at 5PM until tomorrow morning at 7AM. Accumulations predicted up to 3-6 inches. Take your time during rush hour and travel safely... • now it’s a warning. There goes all the toilet paper, eggs, milk and bread from all the grocery stores. • more than a weekly occurrence now & more joy Friday. Fairfax County Schools have canceled all afternoon & evening activities. • word on the street is we are supposed to get a huge storm this weekend in addition to tonight!?!!? Can anyone verify this??! • let it snow.... dc is under the gun for a big one!!! • I heard we were getting 49203 feet. • looks like we're about to get more snow! • These weekend storms are God's way of telling today's high schoolers to stay in school. • I do love the weather, almost as much as I love plants! That said, this is getting old. 2nd winter storm warning in 3 days, and were likely to go through it AGAIN Friday/ Saturday, with an even bigger storm. I mean, if it’s gonna be cold, snow is nice to look at and all, but really, it IS getting OLD! I’m so NOT a northerner when it comes to weather and plants. • It's been an unusual winter for DC. I don't think we had more than a couple of inches in the previous 2 winters combined. So far this year, we've had several storms. One dropped about 2 feet in December. Last Saturday we had about 6 inches. Apparently all the municipalities have already blown their snow budgets. • Uggh, we went from 1-2 inches, to 2-4 inches now 3-6 inches of snow. Going to the gym for a swim. • Seriously. I just checked weather.com and 3 hours ago we had 2-4, now 3-6... • WooHoo!!!! Snow day tomorrow? Better get to gym before it starts... • This snow and blizzard stuff is throwing off my workouts!! It has to stop soon or I won't be pretty by spring!!!!