Thursday, February 4, 2010

Second Huge Snow To Strike DC - Everyone Panic!

The snow should start falling during the morning hours of Friday in the DC area and will increase throughout the day, with heavier snow arriving during the late afternoon and evening hours. Snow will fall heavily through the night, and continue through Saturday morning, before tapering off during the afternoon hours. At this point, the worst conditions appear to arrive late Friday afternoon through Saturday morning… with heavy snow during this time. Snow will fall at the rate of several inches per hour at times.

Winter storm warnings are posted for the DC metro area, and current indications are that 18 to 24 inches of snow are possible in the area. This will rival or exceed the December storm in many areas. Winds gusting to 25 mph overnight Friday will make for blowing and drifting snow, and low visibility. Virginia has already declared a state of emergency and DC area federal offices are operating on unscheduled leave policy on Friday.

Significant and substantial disruptions to travel, including high impacts to the Friday evening rush hour are expected. This has the potential to be a significant snow storm, and possibly even historic.

Everyone panic. Or just enjoy this SNOrgasm! But maybe stock up on amo for later when you have to hunt squirrels for food.