Friday, February 26, 2010

Snowicane Continues... 17" and Still Accumulating!

Shortly after I hit the publish button on the blog last night I did my normal 10-minute check out the window to see how the snowfall was progressing... and what a sight I saw! Within minutes the snowfall literally doubled in intensity. I could hardly see out my window and the street went from slushy to snowrific in the blink of an eye. And honestly, it has not let up much since.

The snow continues to come down this morning at quite an impressive rate. I think at its peak overnight we reached somewhere near 3 inches per hour, accompanied by gusty winds near 50 mph. Oh and did I mention the thunder? Yes, there was even thundersnow, which is an extremely rare occurrence and something that usually only takes place within the most intense Nor'easters. This definitely classifies!

So as I was saying the snow has not let up all that much. I am looking out the window as I type this and it's still coming down at about an inch per hour, sometimes heavier.

Latest snowfall totals as of 8 a.m. in Central Park are 17 inches! We have at least another 24 hours to go until the steady accumulating snow subsides, just to be replaced with squally snow showers, which in themselves could produce heavy, accumulating snow in bursts.

Accordingly, the National Weather Service once again upgraded the snowfall projections which now stand at 18 to 24 inches for the immediate New York City area. Points north and west could see as much as 30 inches. Slightly less as you move south of the city into New Jersey and east of the city onto Long Island.

In true form I could hardly sleep last night and woke up today at the crack of dawn to take some shots of the city in the snow! Here they are, along with a video I took in Madison Square Park. I hope you enjoy them!

I will post another update later!