Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snowstorm Extravaganza!

I am really trying to hold back from blogging about the pending Nor'easter (later referred to as snowstorm #3, with #2 being last night's winter wonder and # 1 being this past Saturday's theatrical delivery of Snow White) forecast to hit The Northeast Quadrant this weekend... bringing with it the potential for major snow and ice accumulations, gusty winds and coastal flooding. OK, I suppose I did just blog about it. But seeing as it's only Wednesday and the storm is still evolving in Texas and has yet to reach the Gulf of Mexico and traverse across the southern states and spawn a new low off the east coast and ride up the seaboard delivering a plethora of winter weather, I'm just going to wait another day to talk more about it... because I think it's going to end up being a super complex storm and as of now it's fair game for anyone in The Northeast Quadrant to see heavy snow, crippling ice, torrential rain, or a mixture of all. Our bets are on heavy snow though! Like potentially feet of it!

Oh, and next Tuesday may very well be #4 in what seems to be a growing list of significant snowstorms to plague the region in 2010!