Monday, April 5, 2010

Tornado Week on The Weather Channel

Today marks the start of The Weather Channel's yearly 'Tornado Week' – a 7-day program aimed at raising awareness and recapping the powerful force of one of the fiercest weather phenomenon.

Storm Stories to Storm Riders, and from Weather Proof to When Weather Changed History, TWC will take you into the twister and bring you inspiring tales from survivors and rescuers battling amazing tornadic weather events.

Now for the awesomeness! This year in conjunction with 'Tornado Week' you can build your own tornado online!
Into the Tornado, a virtual, physics-based tornado simulator, lets users get up close and personal with a tornado by allowing you to select the tornado's wind speed, size and objects they want to test. Using the simulator, drop in a hot rod, a locomotive or even a pig to see how a tornado impacts an assortment of objects. TWC says Into the Tornado is as close as you can get and as close as you want to be – in order to understand the science behind Mother Nature's most unpredictable and violent act.

'Tornado Week' runs April 4 – 10, and kicks off tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET with a new season of Storm Stories. Check it out!